Street  –  Personal Documentary – Stream of Consciousness



Sven Kräuter lives with his family in Berlin Neukölln. In his photography he deals with global issues and worldwide commonalities – private views of the public world. Some call it street photography. His work in this genre is exhibited internationally, most recently in San Francisco, London and Athens. He has recently started working on a very personal project: in order to process his change of identity towards his new role as a parent, he begins to photographically process his personal world. Sven Kräuter is now exploring the private sphere in addition to the public sphere: the shared everyday life as fresh parents of twins. A long-term project.


The Japanese words [a·re] [bu·re] and [bo·ke] are connected to a style of photography that is “rough”, “blurred” and “out of focus” as the direct translation indicates. Normally used to describe a certain style of photographs – in this case it refers to the blurriness and rough edges of Sven Kräuter’s style. He’s on a journey finding his photographic vision working towards a way to share sights that strike his attention. Focussed on street photography, Sven currently moves towards personal documentary and photographic essays. Photography is a means of communication after all, so why stick a single language?